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As an organic product formulator and personal brand specializing in “clean” skin care, Pristine - Zalina Swiss Organic, I discovered early on the benefits of herbalism and natural ingredients for the body - inside out. Growing up in the tropics, my mum taught me the holistic powers of Ayurveda and healing benefits of the myriad of plants in our backyard. I knew that I was on the right path and became increasingly aware of what I would put inside and outside my body. Many decades ago, I got turned off with the chemicals I found while using big brands cosmetics. Equipped with a scientific background, I was curious and wanted to know more about all the bullshit and artificial fillers that went into personal care. I did my homework and began shifting my focus to natural and organic ingredients over 35 years ago. More recently, in 2018 I wrote my first book " GREEN BEAUTY DECODED" (soon to be published). My aim is to share my knowledge, wisdom and expertise to educate, inspire, empower and facilitate women and men to shift their mindset about self care and skin care containing synthethic ingredients that were causing their bodies harm to sustainable and cleaner choices holistically. 

Read on if you are ready to review your current personal care products.

Today, the beauty and cosmetic industry is a multibillion-dollar industry. Even if every other industry should take a plunge today, the beauty industry is more than able to hold its own. However, overtime, the beauty industry has been built with artificial and synthetic products taking charge – products that may be doing more than harm than good to the average consumer. 

It is noteworthy that consumers are now questioning the toxic ingredients found in their cosmetic and beauty products. Having found what damages these products poses to their health, these consumers are making a rather profound switch to green and clean beauty routines. 

Good news, Mintel reported that nearly half (49%) of U.S. adults (aged 18-24) are seeking clean beauty products, while 51% of U.S. adults would pay more for a product made by a socially responsible company that promotes healthy living and emotional wellbeing. 

What is Green/Clean Beauty?

Most times, distinctions are made between green and clean beauty. While the both terms may be referring to the same concept, there are subtle differences between both terms.

So, what exactly is green/clean beauty, and what does this term entail? And what are the differences between both terms? Generally, green beauty may refer to an all-encompassing term that incudes natural skincare products made from nature’s abundant ingredients. Many people are wont to extend this term to any beauty products formulated using sustainable and renewable resources. 

On the other hand, clean beauty refers to products that are known to be devoid of every ingredient that may be considered toxic (whether such ingredient has been scientifically tested and proven to be so, or still considered controversial by many across divides), cancer-inducing, or harmful to the environment. 

While clean beauty seeks to promote natural products and ingredients, it respects the fact that not every synthetic ingredient is toxic to the body, and that small amounts may be used as stabilizers or preservatives in beauty products. While green beauty seeks to promote only organically sourced ingredients, clean beauty is less stringent, and may allow for synthetic ingredients in small measures. 

Why green beauty is mainstream and why you should make that switch.

There is no doubt that green beauty has become mainstream among beauty and health enthusiasts. Health regulation commission of a lot of countries are now signing regulations into laws that bans the use of a lot of widely-used beauty products that were the mainstay of popular beauty products. 

A lot of people have now realized that their skin is a critical component of their overall health, and only the best, naturally-formulated products will do. People are now more concerned about their overall health. And not just their health – the environment too. So, a leading question is “how does what I apply on my health affect my health?”

Powerful beauty companies are now aware that consumers want cosmetics and beauty products that are free from toxic materials and ingredients. Recently, Sephora launched an initiative to product clean beauty, tagging over 2,000 of its products with the “clean” moniker. And by this, it meant that these products were free from ingredients such as sulfates, formaldehydes, parabens, and mineral oil. It is also warm to see emerging and established organic beauty brand finally getting the recognition that they deserve. Brands such as Zalina Swiss Organic (see Tatler Magazine) Honest Beauty, Vapor Beauty, Aether Beauty, Beauty Heroes, and a host of others are now being recognized by consumers and even celebrities. 

How to go clean and green with your beauty routine

There are ways to ensure that only products that meets the clean/green requirements are part of your beauty choices. So, we offer you tips on how to achieve this.

  • Perform an ingredient check on all your beauty products: It is recommended that you perform a thorough assessment of all beauty products before you buy them. Resources such as Made Safe Hazard List and the Environmental Working Group Skin Deep Database will help you out. They are a nonprofit that seek to make known to consumers the latest science on products certified clean and green. 
  • Chose products that are fragrance-and-dye-free: Reports shows that products that do not contain fragrance or dyes are much suitable to the environment. They also use fewer ingredients for their formulation. 
  • Choose products with less packaging: When it comes to choosing your beauty products, it is easy to get wrapped in the aesthetics of the design. However, you may do well to know that these packaging may affect the environment adversely. Therefore, for as much as is possible choose products that come with fewer packaging components.
  • Support brands that promote green/clean beauty: By patronizing them, you may be helping brands that promote clean and green beauty to thrive. Therefore, seek out these brands, buy from them and support their laudable causes. 

Final thoughts

It is pertinent that consumers promote sustainable fashion. Asides improving their health and making for a good living, it promotes the preservation of our environment. Therefore going green and clean should be the new norm for every beauty, fashion, and health-conscious individual out there. 


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